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Onomatopoeia Jazz Quintet


Long time no publish.
I hope you like my comeback illustration. It’s the great Onomatopoeia Jazz Quintet, you can’t listen to their music, only read it.


A scary cartoon | Um cartoon que mete medo


Since I don’t live in North America or in the Great Britain I never celebrated Halloween. But the day of the dead is becoming more and more an international festivity. So influenced by this holloweenmania I got inspired and did my version of a scary cartoon. It’s not that scary…

Food revenge | Vingança da comida


Don’t take photos of your food, they don’t like it.

Não tirem fotos da comida, ela não gosta disso.

Working ants | Formigas trabalhadoras


A little experiment with pointillism. It was ward work but it turn out great.

Uma pequena experiência com pontilhismo. Foi trabalhoso mas o resultado final ficou bom.

Bored polar bears | Ursos polares aborrecidos

Artico parte1Artico parte2

A little story about the life of the polar bears that live on the Arctic Housing Projects.

Uma pequena BD sobre a vida dos ursos polares que vivem nas habitações sociais do Árctico.


Sardine 2014 | Sardinha 2014

sardinha 2014 fb2

Summer is coming an with it the “Festas de Lisboa”! This is the sardine I made this year for the annual contest of the mascote of the festival. It didn’t won but I hope you like it!


Fun winter | Inverno divertido


Rain, rain and rain…

Chuva e mais chuva…