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Sardine 2016| Sardinha 2016


My sardine didn’t won this year Festas de Lisboa sardine competition, but I’dont think it was too upset about it .


Mira, un Lobo – Serotonin

MULalbum xs

I share with you guys the illustration I did for the first album of Mira, un Lobo!

“Serotonin” (single) is out now!

Onomatopoeia Jazz Quintet


Long time no publish.
I hope you like my comeback illustration. It’s the great Onomatopoeia Jazz Quintet, you can’t listen to their music, only read it.


Enlightened guys | Solteiros iluminados

I know, I know, reaching enlightenment should release you from all desire, freeing you from a life of suffering. But apparently for that guy that’s not the case.

Feeling the blues | Um pouco carente


I’m a big fan of nature and the creativity of evolution. Some animals get really creative, but sometimes the design has flaws. For example the sea hedgehog has a perfect defense but not very lovable.

Happy family | Família feliz

Another family portrait.
He told me: Make me an illustration of me, my wife, one dog, two cats, a Buddha and a house. I loved the briefing, and this is the outcome.

There goes the neighborhood | Lá se vai a vizinhança


Monday… Even cartoon characters are on a bad mood.